We take great care to ensure that the nutritional demands of all of our horses are adequately met. 

The Bacchus Marsh area is home to mineral-rich loam soil, which produces highly nutritious grass and pasture through the months of winter and spring.  Being in an area of marginal rainfall means that shortfalls in grazing fodder need to be supplemented with hay during the period from late summer through autumn.  To this end we provide free access to round rolls of Lucerne hay sourced from the rich volcanic soils of the Springbank area, south of Ballarat.

We regularly conduct Feed Quality Analysis of growing pasture and procured hay to ensure that the nutrient levels are commensurate with the demands of young growing stock.  This analysis forms the basis of our fertilizer and cropping program.

All of our breeding stock, weanlings and yearlings are supplemented daily with Coprice G pellets and feeding rates are determined by individual needs and the availability other feed sources.